About Moumisou

It all begins with love. Mou Misou is inspired by the Greek ‘to állo mou misó’ – which means something like ‘my other half’. Somehow I’ve never forgotten these words. And then there’s that wonderful French word for kiss: bisou. My aunt from France always ends her messages with it and it makes me feel like I’m in Paris. Walking the streets, staring at the Seine, enjoying a baguette and a café au lait while being ignored or overwhelmed by French waiters.

It is probably not the most intelligent choice for a new blog, since it’s a difficult name to remember. But I feel love for this name. It is right. So I won’t be bothered by the wrongs of it.

This is a place for thoughts. On anything and everything. Sometimes not even in words. Would love to hear what you think as well. Forgive me for not sticking to any kind of schedule (read more about the reasons here).  I guess that feels liberating because in real life I’m usually mentally surrounded by deadlines and questions of relevance. So yes, it is pretty random. But done with love.

With Mou Misou,

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P. S. English is not my first language, so I apologise for (m)any mistakes. Occasionally I write in Dutch.

Moumisou respects the written word, images and so on - and trusts you will do the same (yes, there's that Copyright thing).
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